How to know and live the Purpose of life?

One query I receive often, and that is what is the purpose of my life?

We frame the question in our mind, according to the state of mind we hold in the moment. If we have a positive state of mind, our questions remains positive and bring us closer to the truth of life, while when we hold negative state of mind, the questions raise by the mind takes us away from the existential truth of life.

The right question is not, what is the purpose of my life, rather the right question is, how can I add purpose to my life.

You are part of the whole, and the whole doesn’t have any purpose. Its a process that happens from moment to moment. Its only the individuals that can add purpose to their lives.

So the right question is, how can I add purpose to my existing life.

Life is happening through all of us. We all breath, think, feel, and experience life through sensation. Life flows in a similar way through all of us. It depends on each one of us, what we do with our lives.

Every individual has its own responsibility to add purpose in his life with everything that he does. There is no separate purpose exists from life itself.

Purpose Awakening: Discover the Epic Idea that Motivated Your Birth

You are born on this earth, and your action should be such that it adds beauty to your life. You only receive, what you offer to life. The life as a whole doesn’t want you to change the people or change the world. You have to figure out what you want out of life, and give everything to it, and make it your purpose of life.

Bring intensity to your everyday life. Dont take any moment of your life for granted. Value every person you meet or greet in your everyday life, and allow every moment of your life count.

We all have life energy flowing through us, and this life energy produces thoughts, feelings and emotions in our body and mind. You have to connect with your core, and figure out what drives you in your life.

Once you figure out your truth, give everything to it, and it will become the purpose of your life.

We spend most of our lives, pondering over the things that hold no or least importance in our lives. Your purpose of life shouldn’t be of moving the mountains, but small act of kindness everyday can be the purpose of your life.

Most of us struggle in our lives, because we are not connected with our core selves. We create our lives based on what we experience outside.

We never try to dig deep in ourselves and realize the truth that exists in each one of us. Whatever you experience in the outside world, gets stored in your mind. These information turns into a memory and these memories rotates on the surface level of your mind.

Everyday you experience different aspects of life and these experience too gets stored in your memories. All your thoughts, feelings and emotions comes out of the stored memories of your mind.

To live the life of purpose, you have to dig deeper beyond the stored memories of your mind. When you live into the memories of your mind, your life remains a repetitive process and you cannot see the other side of life, that exists beyond the mind.

You have life exists beyond the memories of your mind. When you realize that life in you, everything that you do and everything that you experience adds purpose to your life.

The word purpose suggests that you need to do something big or there should be some life altering exercise, or you have to bring revolution in the lives of others. Thus people, wait and wait for the purpose in their lives, and unfortunately they couldn’t find any.

You have to understand that anything on earth starts small, and slowly when you contribute to it on a daily basis, no sooner it turn out to be a giant thing.

You dont need something big in the first place, to make it a purpose of your life. It could be anything from a small gesture of kindness toward people around you, or a gentle smile to whomsoever you meet, a daily habit of serving others in your own way, or be polite to the people around you.

The purpose to life comes with a small act. Think big, act small and take one step at a time, and it will become the purpose of your life.

In life shift comes moment by moment with your every choice and decisions. You can never see sudden shift in the life of people, as the process of life always move from moment to moment.

For life, we all hold big or small ideas which has no relevance with the life as a whole. We always project our own beliefs on the life that works as a whole. More importantly, nobody bothers to verify the truth or even seek the truth, that can serve them to come closer to the reality.

We only live into our imagination and follow the life that comes out of the memories. The memories of the mind are the borrowed stuff from the outside life and thus it has no relevance with the truth.

To connect with the true reality of life, you have to drop the things of your mind, and look for the life that is happening in the moment. The moment itself is filled with all the purpose of life. You dont have to look beyond this moment. Its only this moment, that creates the way into the future.

Remember when you figure out the purpose of your life, all your thinking, imagination, past or future will be drop from your mind and the only thing that you experience will be the truth of the moment.

The purpose of life comes with the clarity and the clarity of life comes with the experience of the truth.

You Are Your Purpose: Awaken Your Inner Magic, Self-Love, and Clarity of Purpose

You experience life not from outside but from inside. When you take your attention inward, you come across many things of the outside world, that exists inside your mind.

The outside life exists not only outside, but also inside your mind. To experience the truth, you not only have to take your attention away from the outside life, but also from the outside life, that is continuously working inside your mind.

When you realize your inner truth, everything that comes out of you simply add purpose to your life, as your actions will be less out of the memories of the mind, and more out of the experience of the truth.

The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose

How to know and live the Purpose of life? was originally published on Modern Age Spirituality

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