creativity & innovation

It’s You, who Design, Run, and Modify your Life


In general, people are thrown into the middle of life, and they continue from there onwards. When you are born, life was already in place. You picked with life, from the middle. When you see life from the middle, you only see yourself moving on the path.

You cannot much do, with your life, because the pace of life keeps you moving. Before you create or make some changes with life, you need to get off the path and develop little understanding about it.

In the middle of the path, you don’t get much confidence. It’s only when you develop a little understanding towards life, you begin to try something different with life. These are the people, who show courage to look into their lives and stand up for themselves. but still, there are few, who simply get lost in the middle of the path, and never try to see life, beyond their usual path. (more…)

Not Necessity, but Curiosity is the Mother of Invention


Necessity may be the mother of invention, at the time of stone age, but with science and technology, only curiosity can be the mother of invention. What do you think to give rise to Google, Facebook, Yahoo, the Internet, or the things that you experience, in the recent times?

It’s only the curiosity of different individuals that allowed them to explore the different resources available to them. In the recent times of science and technology, the majority of us are above the basic needs of life and have the liberty to explore different aspects of life.

It’s not only the opportunities but our understanding too has reached new heights. It’s easier to avail the resources, from any corner of the world, that’s needed for the experiment or to avail the information requires to proceed with life. All that’s required is a willingness of a person, which is the only thing that is missing from the life of people. (more…)

To Create or Express, yourself is Equally Important for Life


The highest experience for the human is self-realization. The self-realization is a state, where you experience yourself beyond the mind, body & heart, and experience yourself, as pure consciousness.

Pure consciousness is a state, where you simply realize yourself as pure energy and vibrations. This pure energy and vibration are, what gives you blissful experience, to each cell of your body.

Does life end with the self-realization or something still remains for the sage to offer?

What remains after self-realization, is an expression. To express one’s experience. All the spiritual and religious path are part of an expression, of enlightened beings, or the one’s who have realized their higher self. (more…)

Imagination leads to Creation

Imagination is an activity of the mind, from where all the thoughts generate. Your ongoing thoughts are the description of the images that move within your mind. The way we imagine things, the thoughts describe those imaginations, which leads to the formation of feelings and emotions, and no sooner, it spread into our body, to compel us to take an action on them.

“Imagination reveals the Future.”

Expand, change or create the better imagination, to create the better world. Imagination reveals the future in the form of signs and omens. Knowingly, unknowingly, we make a choice or decision out of the ongoing images of our mind.

If we think life as a problem or struggle, whatever we see in the outside world, we only pick the things, that reveals the images of struggle or problems of life. Even the positive things of the world go against our thinking patterns if we held negative perception towards life. (more…)

You only Grow with Creativity and Innovation

“Creativity is to do, of your Heart.”


You only grow with creativity and innovation. Everything is possible to achieve if we try something different. Different doesn’t mean for the world to see, but try something that fills our heart, every time we take an action on it.

We have associated creativity and innovation with something that world appreciates, and something that has not been created before. The real truth about creativity is to do something that feels your heart, and when it happens, it will be nothing but different & unique.

Anything we do by following our heart has to be different and unique, because we all are unique, and anything comes out of us, has to be unique. (more…)

How can I be Creative in Life ?


We have heard a lot about creativity and innovation in our life.

What this creativity and innovation are all about, and where does it come from?

Do I have to look outside to be creative or inside to innovate in life?

Creativity is to create something out of nothing.

Creativity is a higher realm of thought that flows through our mind when our mind is focused on a particular thing. (more…)