Seeing the Moon at Night can make you Enlightened


Seeing the moon at night, for the longest period of time, can make you enlightened. Now, here the key is not the moon, but the key is seeing, for the longest period of time. Enlightenment or awakening is a process, where the mind becomes steady in the moment, and the process of spirit takes a reverse cycle. (more…)

Life revolves around Absolute Truth, Natural process, and Life Energy


What matters with life is absolute truth, the natural process of life and the life energy that allows the daily functions of life. When you think about life, what matters the most to you?

Do you think about the truth or strive for the truth?

Do you ever think, how the process of life happens in the universe and within you?

Have you ever notice, what keeps the daily life moving, without real effort?

This is the existential queries of life, for which we all strive for, at some point in time in our lives. (more…)

What Stops you from Realizing the Source?


When I say you, it includes me. You are no different than me. Here you include both the general and individuals. The source is the creator of life as a whole and the life in you. The source of life resides within all of us and can be realized if we really wanted to know him.

Before you understand the source and move on the path of realizing the source, I want you to understand, how you are formed internally, so that it become easier for you to realize the source, without much struggle on the path.

The form of the source in you is emptiness. It’s an absolute darkness. You might look for the light within, but that’s only the external description of the source. When you realize the source for the first time, the realization doesn’t happen in your presence, but it happens in your absence. When you are ready to lose yourself completely, for the first time, you realize the source. (more…)

Spiritual Journey of a Human


The journey of a human is indicated as a process of evolution. Now, the process of evolution is described in different ways. Each individual describes the process of evolution in its own terms while in general the process of evolution is more about understanding the natural process of life.

Life evolves within, at the level of understanding. We understand the external reality better when we evolve from within. Now, there are different processes or techniques, which serve the human to evolve consciously and develop a better understanding in regards to the external reality as well as his own internal reality. (more…)

Life can be Known


When you walk on the downhill of the mountain and look at the top of the mountain, you always wonder what lies behind it, but the time you take a pain to climb the mountain, and the mystery behind it, gets revealed to you, you not only know, what lies behind it, but you also experience the wonder of life.

You need to take a bit of a pain to climb the mountains to know life. Life itself will not be bothered to come to you, to reveal itself, unless you prepare yourself and develop a right intent towards it. (more…)

How to Know your Life?

woman was meditating in sunrise and rays of light on landscape

Your life needs to be understood by you, and no way can I tell you everything about you, but the time I tell you the truth about my life, your life begins to reveal in-front of you. We all are the same, and we all have the same structure from within. The only difference we have is, with the impressions and experiences with our life. The basic formation of life is same for every individual.

The external world with different situations, people, events, experience, and impressions is seen with the perception created by the brain, senses, awareness field and subtle strings that work into every individual to experience life.

You may not know the internal process, but you can understand this fact that, anything you experience in the external world, in the form of situation, or people holds the relationship with you. You cannot experience any person or situation in your life that you haven’t acted upon in the past, or have its roots in the past. (more…)

Know what is Primary and Secondary Purpose in Life?


You are primary and everything that comes out of you, in the form of expression and everything that you are connected with, in the external world is secondary. Unless you are clear in your mind, with what is primary and what is secondary, you can never set the priorities for your life.

All your priorities with your daily life depend on upon, what matters the most to you, in your mind. Sometimes, even you don’t know, what is important to you, and thus, whatever comes in front of you, simply carries you, in its direction.

Your priorities with life need to be clear to you. You need to understand, how your mind works. Unless you clear the things into your mind, it will not show up, in your life, and you will always remain in the state of confusion. (more…)

Becoming is the Primary Goal of Life

Lao Tzu.png

What life really stands for is the biggest query for everyone. Anything you create, whatever you express with life, changes with time. Some things take the time to change, while others change frequently.

More importantly, your life into your body too is limited. You are not here to stay forever, so the query arises, what is the real purpose of life, or what is the ultimate goal of life?

The primary goal of life is, becoming.

What is becoming? (more…)

Opening of a Third-Eye


You have an eternal identity. Your identity is not limited to the identity of your mind, but when you realize yourself, beyond the identity of the mind, you experience yourself, as part of eternity. In general, you perceive life with your senses, but you have one more way, to perceive the same life, i.e. from the third-eye. The location of third-eye is on the forehead, just above your eyebrow.

The opening of third-eye is possible when your mind completely ceases to exist. When you perceive the world through the senses, you don’t see, what you perceive, but you see, what’s already going on, into your mind, whether you see the situation, people or any events of life.

Any experience with the mind and senses, either creates the perception from the past and if the experience is absolutely fresh, your mind, simply registered the fresh experience and it gets stored, in the data of your mind. (more…)

Ultimate Goal is to Establish Oneself, into the state of Self-Realization


The journey is from Toe to top of the Head, and it takes many life-times, to accomplish this feat.

You move with a goal. You have to have a purpose with life. Purpose adds meaning to life. Goal or purpose doesn’t detach you from life, but it serves you to embrace everything with life. For Goal, you need a path. Unless you have a path, you cannot reach your goal. Goal and path go hand in hand. The goal is a destination, the path is a route. If you don’t have even one, you lose the track of life.

Without Goal or destination, you will never know where you are heading towards life. In the same way, if you are not clear about the path, you have been given beautiful mind, which can create a hell out of you. (more…)