Moderation is a Key to Stability, Contentment and Growth


Whenever you initiate something new, either you move to the extreme and try to do all of the things in a moment, or you walk so slow that it becomes impossible to take the things forward.

The path of moderation is to work in between. Not too fast, nor too slow. You neither run nor you stop, rather you keep walking on your path. This is the magic of moderation.

When you practice moderation in every aspect of your life you gain stability in your life.


How Hardware (Physical Body), and Software (Mind) works in Humans?


Hardware and software are built by the third person. Hardware is required for the software to work. When we talk about the hardware of the laptop, it gets upgraded with time.

The upgraded software can only work with upgraded hardware. Your physical body too is a hardware and all your visualization, imagination, dreams, desires, feelings and emotions are the software in your mind. (more…)

You Evolve, When you learn from the Mistakes, of your Past


Evolution is to grow with the understanding towards the natural process of life. Learning with life is possible, only from the past. When you learn from the past and resolve yourself to never repeat the same mistake, in the present, you definitely allow the better future to show up.

It may seem like, you don’t repeat the same mistakes again with your life, but when you observe your life closely, you will notice that you repeat the same mistakes, not once or twice, but for many times and for many years, that becomes the cause of your pain and suffering.

Each one simply repeats the life-cycle inside of him. It may seem like, you move forward, but when you take time out for yourself, and really look into your life, you will notice that you simply move in the same circle, without proceeding forward even an inch, rather many slips backward with life. (more…)

Experiment Non-Action with Life


There are too many thoughts, ideas, imagination, dreams, desire’s hovers in everyone’s mind. It’s not only the bad or negative one’s but positive too. When you are inclined to act on each of your thoughts, you create chaos with your life.

Life is all about experiment. All the experiences in your life depend on your choice and decisions. Either you can experiment with your life, or you can repeat the same cycle every day, and go on looking for meaning into your life.

You create meaning with life, by experimenting with it and trying different ways to understand different aspects of life. Life is much more beautiful when you figure out different ways to live life. (more…)

Hold onto the Highest Thoughts, to Manifest into Your Life


The thoughts get created from the images of the mind, and the images get developed, either from the past experiences and impressions or from the prolonged thinking over the subject or object.

The life can be understood, either in the form of images, sensation, feelings or emotions, or thoughts, energy, and vibrations. The more you dive deep into the subtle life inside, the more you begin to understand the space, where life initiates.

Every day of your life, you receive the thoughts to move forward and to serve your process of evolution. Either you pick those thoughts and hold onto them, or let them go to repeat the same process of life. (more…)

Hold Yourself for a Day, before Executing an Idea


Patience is the greatest virtue of all, and this you have heard it several times, but you might never have known that the patience with the idea and its execution can change the  entire course of life.

Whenever you get a thought or idea in your mind, the first thing you want is to execute and make the most out of it. Everyone wants to create but nobody is interested in knowing the process of creation. The patience is the virtue that allows you to understand the patterns of creation.

The mind has its own way to function and when you learn to hold yourself back, and simply observe, you learn the mechanism of mind & how it functions with the outside life. (more…)

Understanding comes, by Experimenting with Life


Understanding towards life is required to get out of the problems of our life, or if we wish to have something but we cannot find the right way.

In such situations, it’s very important to be open to experiment with life. When you experiment, you gain a certain experience out of it. Out of the experience, again you experiment to enhance your experience. This is life.

With experiment you get experience and experience is nothing but understanding towards life. This understanding encourages you to experiment more with life. If you start exploring any one part of your life, then you can explore all the aspects of your life. (more…)

If Spirituality is Science, then Meditation is an Experiment


Life is an experiment, whereby you don’t receive anything unless you are willing to experiment with life. Either it’s the external world or internal world. Spirituality is an inner science, while the meditation is a technique to know the inner world.

With the mind, the life is perceived in a way, where sooner or later we are bound to deceive by life. It’s just not possible to understand life with the outside attention. More and more you move into life, more and more confusion it creates in your mind.

Meditation allows you to experience life beyond mind. You need to know how to experiment with life. In meditation, there is a little danger. While the external science is to experiment on the outside object or subject, on the path of spirituality, you experiment over yourself. (more…)

Balance comes Experimenting with Life


Life is a process, and unless you understand the process of life you cannot have a balanced life. The life as a whole is not bifurcated, but when it comes to our mind, life seems divided.

We have a personal life to take care of. We have professional obligations with life. We have social responsibilities and many more things, hovers into our mind. When it comes to life, the life is not limited to ourselves, but our life is extended in many ways.

We have to figure out the right balance, between all the different aspects of life, and you cannot find the balance unless you know how to experiment with life. (more…)

Live Life Inside Out


Life is happening inside out. We imagine things inside, thoughts forms out of the imagination, emotions follows and soon it turns into an action. The action becomes an experience and the circle of life follows.

The energy and power to manifest things of the desire come from inside. When we lack the energy inside, we struggle outside. If the inner energy is flowing in a right direction and the mind is clear with the goals, we can achieve anything with life.

Living life inside out is to manifest the life of the dreams and desire’s, out of imagination. Imagination is a powerful quality of the mind, that leads to thoughts and emotions and turns into an action, to manifest things on earth.  (more…)