Heart & Mind

Your State of Mind is Everything


When you want to achieve something in life, the most important thing to achieve anything or everything in your life is your state of mind. Unless you act with the right state of mind, it’s hard to achieve the desired result. The right state of mind open the ways for you, that you couldn’t even imagine in your mind.

Life is spontaneous and moves like a pendulum. It can shift in any direction depending on your state of mind. Your response in the moment decides the direction of your life, and more importantly, you can change this direction anytime. (more…)

How to Develop a Positive State of Mind?


The positive state of mind develops over the time. It requires time and effort. Just to achieve anything you need a road map, in a similar way to attain a positive state of mind, you have to develop a daily path and add positivity to it on a daily basis.

The positive state of mind is a state of mind that needs to be developed out of the daily experiences and impressions of life. Whatever you choose on a daily basis becomes part of your experience. (more…)

You Achieve when you Focus and make Effort in the right Direction

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When you feel yourself caught up in the problems of life or don’t find the way to move forward, the cause is always your focus and direction. It’s always your focus and efforts in the right direction breeds result.

Whenever you encounter the problem, do you focus on the problem or you look for the solution instead. If you stay remain engaged with the problem for the longer period of time, your mind will get hooked to it, and then you will not find the ways to move forward. (more…)

What is the Difference between Ego, Respect and Self-Respect?


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Ego is part of your individual identity. Ego just means you are on a higher side of life. Nobody can take your place. Every other person should play down to you. At times you are ready to forego your ego. When you come across people, whom you genuinely respect.

To a point, you are ready to lose your ego and put the other person in a higher position. The masters, Guru, teachers, parents, and elders. This too happens to a certain point. After a point, if somebody crosses the line, you are back to your ego. (more…)

How to Achieve, What you want in Life?


When you want something, all your body, mind and soul should agree with it. You just cannot have confusion about your goals. Once your body, mind, and soul move in synchronization, there is nothing you cannot achieve in life.

You have to put your mind to the goal and allow your mind to be completely occupied by your goal. When you notice the time, you see that there are twenty-fours hours in a day and sixty minutes in an hour and sixty seconds in a minute. (more…)

The Life beyond the Personal Identity of the Mind


Life evolves with the identity of the mind. As your understanding grows with life, you stop identifying yourself with the illusory stuff and look for the higher truth whether it’s inside or in the outside world.

The personal identity of a human starts with the body. The very first thing with which the person identifies itself is with the body. The physical body becomes the center point of the identity. (more…)

Why Gratitude is Important in Everyday Life?


Gratitude is a way of life. Gratitude directly impacts the formation of your inner life. It’s not a simple practice, but it also has a direct relation with the life that is happening in you, and in the universe.

Life has a whole follows its process, and gratitude is part of it. The person who lives with the gratitude is, just like a coconut tree, who knows when to bend, and when to flow, and when to stand straight. The quality of gratitude in you, allows you to bend and open up the flow of life in you. (more…)

Single-task or Multi-tasking from psychological and Spiritual perspective.


A single task is to do one thing at a time. Multi-tasking is to stay engaged in more than one project at a time. Multi-tasking doesn’t only limits of doing more than one tasks at a time, but it also includes, staying engaged in more than one project at a time.

Some people believe in multi-tasking and hold an idea, about getting more things done in a lesser time, while the people who do one thing at a time, feels more connected to the moment, and like to shift from moment to moment. (more…)

How to Experience Life beyond Mind?


The experience of life beyond the mind is possible. The meditation and physical exercise are tools that can serve you to experience life, beyond the mind.

Although it’s possible to experience life beyond mind, it’s the road less traveled. It’s the path, only taken by the souls, who believe in possibilities and not afraid to jump into it.

There are different experiences of life that are possible, but the point is, are you ready to strive for it? (more…)

How to Improve your Focus in Life?


The biggest obstacles with the focus are the choices and options in life. For everything you do, you have multiple choices. Wherever you wish to reach in your life, you have multiple paths. These multiple paths appears to be appealing, but these different paths, itself becomes the hindrance in life.

The problem is not with the choices, but the problem is with our mind. The mind gets puzzled with too many choices. Unless you give one thing to the mind, the mind doesn’t know how to move forward. (more…)