Your Dedication and Commitment pay Off all the time

Getting ready for training

Many have these complaints from life, that they have given everything, but still, they missed the success. They did all the hard work, but they haven’t received their dues from life.

When I see life, somehow I feel that it’s we who take our lives forward. You receive in equal proportion that you have given to life. Your dedication and commitment pay off all the time. (more…)

How to Move Forward in Life?


Life moves in a circle. Everyone has his or her own idea or beliefs about life. This idea or belief creates a circle in your life. If your idea or beliefs about life keep you charged up and motivated you keep on achieving the milestones at every step, but if you feel disheartened with the way, life functions, then it gets difficult to move forward in life.

If you have source or God as a center point, in your life, you will always find a way to move forward in life. It’s our own ideas or beliefs, that doesn’t allow us to move forward in life. (more…)

Every day is a Chance to Start Over


No matter what happened yesterday, today you have the chance to start over. This is the magic of life. It views every day and every moment of life as fresh. Life itself doesn’t carry your past in the moment, but it’s always you who likes to take over your past into the present moment.

Life always flows fresh in the moment. It’s you who has to decide either be with the ways of life or follow the ways of your mind.

If you could see the light of this day, you will realize that every day is different and each day holds its own possibilities of life. Whether you see the possibilities of life in the moment or stay caught up into the problems of yesterday, depends entirely on you.

Everyday brings new light into your life. You have to show courage to see the bright side of life and take your life forward. When opportunity knocks at your door, show courage to pick the opportunity and walk a mile with it.

Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life

The fear of the past cannot be denied and its part and parcel of life, but every day you have an opportunity to rise above your fears, and experience life with different colors. It’s all about your perspective in the moment. If you can see life with utmost clarity, yesterdays fear cannot over power you in the moment, rather you can over ride the fear of the past, and make most out of the life that is available at the moment. You always hold the power to write a new script of your life.

With life what counts the most is today’s effort. What you do today, takes your life forward. Every day whats possible for you is today’s effort. The result, the situation, the events of your life are not in your hands, but you can certainly work on the things that are in your hand.

Life can only pinch you if you don’t play your part well. Life has its own way to function, and thus few things go your way, while others won’t but your intention should always be moving forward in your life. If you get stuck with the unpleasant events of life, you miss the chance to bring the change to your life, that can happen only by making an effort in the moment.

Your inner life reflects in the outside world. More you develop your inner strength, better you can handle the outside life, but if you don’t take care of your inner self, you pay the price via different means in the outside world.

The outside life is not at all a problem, but the real problem lies in how you handle the inner life. It’s the inner chaos, that doesn’t allow you to view the outside situation with absolute clarity. The real confusion exists in the inner world, and thus it keeps you engaged with the confusion and chaos of the outside world.

Your mind is a plain white clothing, which gets filled with the memories of life. When you see your present life with the memories of the mind, you cannot see the absolute truth of the moment, rather your perception comes out of the memories of your mind.

This doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist in the outside world, but when there is already confusion going on in our inner world, we cannot see the outside problem with utmost clarity and thus finds difficult to reach to its solution.

The more we work on our internal strength, the better we face the outside situations and people in our life.

Every day we come across the situation, that becomes hard to handle. Sometimes the life puts us on a back seat, but if we can hold ourselves in the moment, we always find a way for ourselves. Life certainly gives you the way, if you know how to hold yourself in the moment. It’s all about how you handle the pressure of the moment.

Life proceeds with an intention. If you hold an intention to make your today better than yesterday, no way you can fall short of life. Every day do something to take your life forward and make your today better than yesterday, and in a short span of time, you will notice the complete shift in your life.

You don’t change your entire life in a day, but when you work in every day’s life and make little shift every day, you bring a real shift to your life for the better.

Life has its rules and those rules of life will be revealed to you, if you know how to show patience with life. Life wants you to show patience in the moment, and stay open to the ways of life.

Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living

When things are not going our way, it’s easier to hold bitterness in our heart, but that bitterness again becomes the hindrance for our growth. With life, it’s not the bitterness but it’s the love that finds its way to the destination.

When you carry love in your heart, in a way you remain surrender to life. You don’t resist life rather you amend your way according to the ways of life, and this allows you to have a break-through in the moment.

If you closely observe life, you will notice that life is not only about efforts, rather you have to know the way of surrender to life. Sometimes effort doesn’t take you forward and you feel stuck in the moment. At those time, what works is a way of surrender at the moment.

Life has its own way to unfold. You play your part well, and then leave the rest on life and life has its own ways to take care of your needs. Life resonates with the energy that you carry inside. More cool, calm and compose you are from within, more you can experience the natural unfoldment of life outside.

How to Add Super Power to Every Hour of the Day?


To add super power to every hour of the day, you need to know, where you spend every hour of the day. Planning and scheduling are the most important part of, adding power to your thoughts, feelings, and actions and to your life.

You are clear in advance, how you will go about your day, and then to your every action, you give everything that you have to make it powerful. (more…)

Your Intensity with Life brings the Change around you


Everyone is looking for change with life. Some they stand for the change, while others want somebody else to stand up for them, to bring the change into their lives.

The point is, if I wish to change the life around me, is it possible for me, or it’s just the probability of life?

The answer is, every individual holds the power to bring the change around him. It’s all about the intensity you carry with your efforts. Life remains standstill, if you don’t stand up for yourselves, or what you believe in with your life.

It’s not some super power, that brings the change around your life, but you have to work your way out, be it your personal, professional or spiritual life.

“Life is open for all, and the one who asks the right question, is surely guided in the right direction.”

We all are made up of five elements. Air, fire, earth, space and water. The most intense and powerful element is fire. Fire is energy. All the other elements of life, comes out of energy. Energy is the source of all the other elements of life.

Life is possible because of energy. If you can bring the fire within you, you can change any part of your life. To bring the change with life is to change the lower energy into higher one.

The life around you changes, when you transcend yourself from inside. We all are made up of same elements and the time we release the positive energy and vibrations in the environment, we attract the similar energy into our environment.

Wherever you are placed right now, your environment carries certain energy. This energy comes out of the energy released by every individual in that circle, through his thoughts, feelings, and actions.

“Every city, state or country carries the energy of its people. People into the city, state or country have the power to change the life around them for the good. It’s not about the city, state or country, but it’s all about the energy of the people.”

If you begin to radiate positive energy and vibrations around you, slowly you attract the similar energy from the people around you, and the things begin to change around you. You may not think of the city, state or country, but certainly you can stand up, for your surroundings.

We all have some part in our personal or professional life, that needs a change, and we wait for the life to happen on its own. These may sound harsh, but if your personal life, professional life or say spiritual life is not where you expect it to be, than there is nobody else to blame for, but it’s you.

Sometimes there are situations, or events in our life, of which we are part of, along with many others and we feel that because of others, we are let down, or thrown back with our life, but these is not true, when you look at life, from the perspective of life itself.

Life has given absolute control to each individual that not only he can transform and transcend his life, with his inner energy and power but he can also uplift the life of people around him. It’s not about how many agree or disagree what you think or feel, but it’s all about the right energy. If you can radiate the higher energy, all the negative and positive minds, along with all the negative and positive feelings and emotions, begins to resonate with your energy.

You don’t have to wait for others to change, before you bring the necessary change within your environment, but you simply have to change yourself from within, and all types of life around you, will begin to respond.

“Either you get pull down by the lower energy level of your environment and people around you, or lift them up, by spreading positive energy and vibrations towards everyone in your circle.”

Be it the personal or professional life, any shift you wish to bring with it, solely depends on you. If you are clear with what you want out of life, nothing can push you around, but if you can put your mind, straight to, what you are looking with life, you can bring the necessary change with it, and you can have a desired success.

The change with life happens first within you and then you work on it, to bring it into life. You have to be absolutely clear inside, what you are looking with life. Once you are clear inside, you can direct all your energy for its manifestation, in the outside world.

Everything with life is law of relativity. You attract what you release, in the form of energy and vibrations. You have to figure out the way, how you can raise and sustain your inner energy level.

You have to believe yourself, before you expect the life around you, to get into your belief. You have to stand alone for the change, with all the might and everything around you will respond with time.

All the situation, people and environment begin to respond, if you stay with it. If you stand up, for life, everything is possible for you, but if somebody who gives up with life, its nobody else but you.

Every individual carries the part of god in him, and thus holds the power to change anything he desires on earth.

What is change?

Change means to take life, in the direction where it gets better for everyone. You want life to be on a higher side. You want life to be better. If you want something, and if you can hold yourself with it, life responds to your desire. The only thing is, can you stay with it, till the end.

You have to prepare yourself to stand in the odd times. With life things are possible, when you stay little longer. Future is not pre-written, and what already exists around you, comes from the past action. If you can put your mind, heart and body for the change, you certainly can turn it, into your reality.

You cannot bring change or rise high, by repeating the same process of life. You have to look for something different. You have to try something different. You have to be open for experimenting with your life. You have to be creative. Only then, life shows up, the way you want, or else you always have your old path, that will simply rotate you in the circle, and leads you nowhere.

Life comes alive with the change. When you believe in something and make it alive, you open the path for many. No change is small or big, but the idea to make the things better, even on a small scale, makes a huge difference too many lives.

There is only one thing that brings the change with life, and that is the fire that you hold inside. You have to unlock your energy and vibrate your positive energy to an extent, whereby, everything around you, begin to vibrate at the same frequency.

“The energy that you hold inside is like a storm, which can wash off, all the old things, and create a new reality for you. This is the idea of Jesus about heaven. There is no other heaven, than what you create here for yourself. You can choose to be in heaven or you can create your own hell. It all depends on you.”


Strive in the Present, for the Future, by Serving your Past.

present moment.jpg

Life is a purpose. The purpose is to get back to the source. Its the same like, when NASA moves to the Moon, and once reach to the Moon, and gets its work done, the purpose remains to get back to Earth. In a similar way, after experiencing life in different ways, the purpose remains to get back to the source.

Everything you do with life, knowingly or unknowingly brings you closer to the source of life. All the life situation that you face, is there for a reason, and comes out, of your own efforts.

Its not that something is happening outside, but its only your perception that you perceive life in different forms, with your daily situations of life.

Before you realize the natural process of life, you have to realize how life unfolds within you. Its necessary to know, one’s own nature, before you conclude the nature of life, as a whole.

The present is all you have, and the purpose of future lies, in becoming one with the source. As you grow and evolve with life, your spirit gets closer to its source. With the mind, it may seem hard to digest, but you have the spirit and source both within you, and as life unfolds, your spirit too unfolds to come closer to its source.

Well, the entire life although cannot be conclude with the mind, and thus, its always preferable to look at life, from the perspective, that gives you a glimpse beyond mind.

The serving with the past, happens in the present moment. All the situation, events and experiences of life, in the present moment, that sometimes appears all of a sudden, is nothing but the consequences of your past.

All the actions or the cause of your life has nothing to do with good or bad, but it simply appears as an effect, and if in the moment, you are not prepared to handle the past, it seems like a good or bad karma.

“It’s easier to resist life’s situation, when something appears all of a sudden, but with life there are no surprises, but the consequences of the past.”

Slowly and gradually you build a necessary energy for everything that comes into your life. Albert Einstein laws of relativity also applies to the subtle world. Its not only the gravity pull of the physical object that exists in the universe, but there is also a subtle pull, where the energy attracts the similar energy in different forms.

Life is not happening to you, but you attract life, the way you live from inside. Whatever you create outside remains as it is, when you leave this earth, and thus what really matters with life, is how you allow the life to unfold within you, out of understanding.

The very base for the evaluation of a particular life is wrong, if you are simply counting the physical or material aspects of life. The life takes place in the subtle world and that too exists inside of you, and not very far away into the sky. All your god and demons, including the heaven and hell is of your inner thing, and the time you begin to understand this inner truth of life, you begin to unfold your spirit inside, to come closer to the source.

Life is happening every moment and is, very much alive. You have to see, are you alive each moment of your life, or simply dragging with life.

The source is the purpose of life, and to attain a purpose needs a path. All the life lessons or wisdom from spirituality or religious teachings comes out of the path, that takes you to the ultimate source.

“You may not know the source of life, but your intention is enough, and the path will appear for you, that will lead you to the source.”

Life cannot be denied at any level, as life begins and ends with the source. No matter what you face in your daily situations, you have to accept them whole-heartedly, as it only appears out of your past, and unless you put an end to it, with your understanding in the present moment, you simply create further subtle or physical actions, that again creates a circle, for it, to appear in the future.

Life is a circle, but with the process of growth and evolution the circle of life too expands.

The circle of life becomes bigger and bigger with time, as you move away from the source, and the time you initiate the journey inward, you again get back to the process, where the circle of life begins to get smaller, as you accept the daily situations and events from the past, and put an end to it, by serving them with the higher understanding.

Intensity in Life, takes You to the Next Level.


If you feel, you are stuck at your personal, professional, emotional, mental, spiritual or any aspect of life, you don’t have to look somewhere else, for the solution, but within. You never get stuck outside, with the problem, but the real obstacle or blockage happens within.

You need intensity in life, to take yourself to the next level. The intensity from within. Forget about the problem or anything, with which, you have stuck outside, but look within, and begin to work on yourself.

See, how you can intensify with your life, and which area of life, you can take to the next level, in terms of thinking, imagination, feelings or efforts. Try to open the inner pores, rather struggling with life, outside.

You never ever get stuck with life, outside. The life happens from within. Your thinking, feeling, imagination, action and anything that you manifest with life, initiates from within. If you can unblock the energy from within, you see the solution, into the same situation, to which you referred as problem.

“Situation is, was, and always will be as it is, and to view it, as a problem, opportunity, possibility, or solution in it, is always about the mindset you carry in those moments.”

Intensity in life is required to move to the next level. Life remains boring, if you repeat the same process of life, and doesn’t have something fresh to live for.

Intensity with different aspects of life, opens the dimensions for you, which is not available, with the repetitive process of life.

There are only few individuals, who show courage to live life, with the open space of the mind. We all have the open space in our mind, where nothing exists. No thoughts, no imagination, absolutely empty.

Only genius enters into this world, from the empty space, and play the game of life. With the empty space of the mind, you are absolutely open to life. You wait something to emerge within, before you respond to life.

You have no fear, but you are thrilled to play the game of life, and push the life forward. Literally, with intensity, you take the ownership of life, and you push the life forward. You create or manifest that doesn’t exist.

Each individual, who walks down this earth, has something unique in himself, that remains for him to explore and present into the world. The world is not beautiful, with the naysayers, or people who often says no to life, than yes, but its beautiful because of the people, who are not afraid, to live life, out of their imagination and the one’s those who are not afraid to fall with life, to rise back again.

You only grow and evolve with life, if you know how to stand, once you fall. Most often people are afraid to take the path, where they have failed, once with their life. They stop taking the chances, as they don’t have the capacity to handle the worst situations of life.

People are afraid, and they are not afraid of anything else, but their own failure. You cannot be afraid of something, that you haven’t experience, and if you are afraid of your own experience of life, and pledge yourself to never get into the things, that scares you or bring fear out of you, than you lose the opportunity to rise above those situations of life. You don’t have to win over anything in life, except yourself.

“All personal, professional, emotional, psychological or any aspect of your life, serves only one purpose. To reveal your true authentic self, i.e. spirit and soul.”

Life is beautiful, if you are not afraid to push yourself to your limits. Learn to play in the open space of your mind, to see what lies next ahead.

Imagine playing the game of life alone on this earth to make this world, beautiful place to live for everyone, than how you will play?

Life for everyone is choked up, at their throat and they don’t know how to rise above life. You need greater intensity every moment of life, to rise above the mundane and to experience the existential truth.

You can choose the path of your own. No restriction, whatever suits best to you. Just remember to bring the best out of you, so that the world gets better, because of your presence.

When you bring best of you, to the world, you are gifted with the best of everything of the world. When you think, you don’t have the best of the things of the world, it’s just because, you haven’t explored your inner potential.

Life is magic, but to experience the magic, you have to raise the standard of your life, at a level, where each commitment of yours, towards life, seems like a magic. We all want things, that we haven’t earned for ourself. Than such things, can never stay with us for long. We have to pay it back, with higher price, and when the time comes for us, to pay back, we feel betrayed, sorrow, pain, suffering and all the negativity from life.

You don’t receive anything, in your life, that you don’t deserve. The perception you create towards outside situation, events or experience of life, is nothing but the culmination of different experiences and impressions, that you have gathered over the time, inside of you.

“No situation, event or experience of life is good or bad in particular, but it all depends upon an individual’s perception, how he perceives the things, out of, what he carries inside of him.”

When you understand this truth of life, you never complain, about whats going outside, and you will pour all your energy, to make your inner world and yourself better, so that you can have the better perception towards the situations, events and experiences of your life.

If your life is good, you are responsible, if your life is bad, you are responsible, if your life is boring, you are responsible, if you have failure, you are responsible, if you have success, than also you are responsible.

Remember, the life that you experience outside, comes out of your inner projection and then your expression into different situations, or events confirms your inner truth.

Say for e.g., if you have come across the situation, in your life, for which you have no clue, how to handle, and out of your understanding, the situation is complete disaster.

In this moment of life, you have a choice to leave the situation, curse the people involved, and move out of the situation. What will happen? you will gain an experience, for the future. Whenever such situation comes in the future, your job remains, to curse the situation, blame everyone and move out of the situation.

The other way to see the same is, that you know, nothing can be done, into the situation, and its out of your capacity to handle the situation, but still you gather courage, and don’t give up, into your fear, and try to correct the situation, out of your understanding. As soon as you make a choice to get into the situation, your mind, heart and body simply opens up, and you begin to see the possibilities, into the worse situation of life. This is the experiential truth of life.

When you get into the situation, you carry your mind to it. If your mind is closed, you cannot see any possibilities out of situation, and you end the situation, than and there itself. What happens to your mind, in such situation, it stays close forever. The situation has passed, but your mind stayed closed forever. Now, you can carry your closed mind, wherever you want, it will remain the same forever.

What happens with the open mind. It looks into the situation, and try to see, whats possible in the moment. You begin to take steps toward, the opportunity in the present moment, with an open mind.

When you move in the darkness, have you ever notice what happens? when you move inside, you begin to feel something, you see some light, even in the midst of darkness. More you move inward, more possibilities you find, but what if you shut the door, before entering into the darkness. You loose all the possibilities, to ever enter into the dark room, where there might have been a switch board inside, and you could have brought the light to the darkness.

The same happens with life. Wherever we don’t understand things, we simply shut the door, and never try to move forward, or look into it. Unless you move inside, you never find the light. You have to take those steps, to see what lies ahead.

Any moment of life can be a possibility or disaster, depends upon the perceiver and has nothing to do with the situation, events or experience of life.

On one side, there is life’s situation, events and on the other side, your mind, heart, body. You can do anything with the situation, events or any problem with your life, and you have all the resources available to you, in the moment, and that’s you. All you have to learn, is one step at a time.

You have the mind, heart and body to make it, for a good use. The natural law works differently with the mind, heart, and body. The more you use, the better it gets.

Just looking at the situation or person, you cannot give up with life. If you cannot face in the moment. No issues. Be with yourself. Spend sometimes with yourself. Forget about the situation, and think what makes you happy. Fill yourself with all the joy, love, peace, happiness possible inside. The time comes when you are ready to face the situation, put your mind, on it, and resolve yourself, to bring the best out of the situation.

Whenever you are into any situation of life, if you can think good for all those who are part of the situation, automatically it creates confidence in you. Goodness is part of the natural law. It works all the time, and with every situation of life.

Life proceeds further with the purpose. You cannot live without purpose. The purpose should be such, that triggers your heart. It should be close to your heart. If you don’t have purpose to close to your heart, you only drag with life.

When something is close to your heart, intensity comes by itself. You don’t have to force yourself, with anything, but mind, heart and body remains more than willing to co-operate.

You create life inside out. Anything you need with your life ( anything means anything ) looks inside, and you will have solution for life. Your inner world is not only about the philosophical puzzles of life, or solve the spiritual queries, but even your physical needs, dreams or desire’s of life, can be solved from within. Any solution for your problems, related to your life, is available inside of you.

Life is open for all, and so always strive to push yourself, to the next level. Never afraid to fall, there is always another chance with life, provided you never give up. Intensity with your daily activities of life, is a key to explore new dimensions of life.

Don’t wait for your neighbor to explore life first and then to follow, rather be the first one, to create and innovate with your life, and set an example for others to follow. Always be the leader, who has the responsibility to take others life forward.

With every aspect of your life, do the things that never happened before, and always remember, you have the open space in your mind, that can help you to create the future, that has yet, not arrived on the existence. You can be the one, who can write the future, not only for yourself, but many others, who can walk on your footstep.

Have Wings, Will Fly . . . .



Have wings, will fly.

How many times, we recognize, what we have, but refuse to accept our power, and utilize for our own good as well as for the good of others. We all have the wings, and we all can fly. Some choose to and some refuse to. I choose to fly.

How I made a choice?

By connecting with my higher self. Today I know who I am & what is God, but I didn’t know the day I initiated the journey called life. At that time, the only thing I used to understand was the temple beside my home and tickling of my heart. (more…)

Strive for Greatness

Just Imagine, these people, were just remained an ordinary man, like us, & wouldn’t have made an effort to strive for others.   

Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Muhammad Ali, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Nelson Mandela.

What if these people, have chosen to live the ordinary life, & wouldn’t have striven to mark their presence in the world. We would have certainly missed something on this earth.

We don’t know what we are capable of, unless we give our life for some bigger cause. We all feel the same way, that how this big world, can be changed by our little efforts.

Nobody knows, how a little efforts turns to be a revolution, on this earth. When we move to bring the extra ordinary change on this earth, we develop a power that works through us, to accomplish the unimaginable on this earth.


Lift Yourself-Up, to Lift the World (BUDDHA)

Lift yourself up, to lift the world. That’s what Buddha did, that’s what Christ did, thats what all the seeker strive for, and thats the role played by all the enlightened beings. We can only lift our world, by lifting our self-up. When we live our higher values, & higher level of thoughts, it spreads around our world, &, our world gets lifted.

The world is perfect from the day, of its inception, and follow its natural coarse. Its only we as a human, evolve to understand the perfection with life.

Buddha, Christ, Muhammad, lifted the world, by their thoughts. Thoughts about God, lifts the life on earth. All the religions & the sages lift the life, on earth, for their fellow beings. The thought of God uplifts our world. With the thought of God, we can’t afford to think or live small. (more…)