With Conscious Living, You can Create Win-Win Situation for All

Everyone likes to win; either it’s your competitor, customer, colleague, friend, neighbor, family member, or any person you interact with. If you live life consciously you can create a win-win situation for all.

After all, it feels good, when everyone wins around you. You create soothing environment around you. (more…)

How to Grow your Understanding towards Life?


Before you understand something, you have to come out of it. If your mind is thoroughly occupied with that one thing, it becomes difficult to understand that thing. The same happens with life. The life that you live on a daily basis is completely occupied by your mind. No space remains in your mind to understand life, which is happening to you.

You have to consciously move out of your life before you develop a certain understanding of it. These can happen by going through the process of meditation. (more…)

How to Search for Meaning in Life?


The meaning in life exists in everything. It all depends on how closely we view life. At any moment of time, we already have lot many things already running in our mind. This doesn’t allow us to see the actual meaning out of the moment, and we only see what already exists in our mind.

When you listen to someone, do you really listen, what he or she is trying to say, or you remain busy comprehending the things of your mind? (more…)

A Boy’s Encounter with a Sage


He was thinking all day long. Although the thoughts of freedom captured his mind, but he could never gather the courage to take that steps. Finally, the day has arrived. Everyone was asleep. It was a full moon night. He gathered all his courage and escape the orphanage.

He was walking the street of the town for the first time all alone. He was familiar with the street but he has not experienced the same street with the absolute freedom. He was relishing the scenic beauty on both the ways of the street. For the first time, he has a sigh of relief. By wandering down the street, he came across the side of the river. (more…)

How to Fulfill your Life-Long Desires?


Everything you wish for life is your desire. Some desires hold our hearts, while others are simply passing desires; those are not necessary matters to us.

The life is full of desires, but there are few things that become an integral part of our life. We want them badly, no matter what. In the blog, no judgment has been passed on to the desires, as been right or wrong, and only the just and right ways, have been shared so that you can fulfill your life-long desire, and cherish the most beautiful gift called desire. (more…)

What is the Purpose of Life and Why do we all Exist?


Sooner or later, the phase comes in our lives, where we try to look for the purpose of our lives, or look for the reasons behind our existence. This question is common to all and pinches in everyone’s life when you come face to face with the absurdity of life.

The point is, does this question has any relevance or does any answer exist for this question, or it’s again a thing of the mind? (more…)

How to Overcome Financial Problems?


When it comes to financing, there are two things that need to be kept in mind, i.e. income and expense. Income is the flow of money that is actively or passively coming to you, while the expense is the flow of money is that going out.

You have to be absolutely clear on both the side of income and expense column. Your income and expense column is what keeps your life moving. You just cannot avoid it, because it’s an integral part of the outside life and your inner life too. (more…)

How to Realize Life beyond the Mind in you?


Life initiates with the source in you. From the source comes the spirit or the soul. Along with the spirit enters the mind in the body. The spirit serves the functions of the body to produce the necessary life energy so that life can be experienced.

So, it’s the source, spirit, mind, life energy, and body. If you realize the spirit in the body, you realize life beyond the surface reality of your mind.  (more…)

Life Experiences beyond Ceiling

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Just as the above statement suggests, I want to conclude out of personal experience that life exists beyond the limited perception of our mind. Our individual mind cannot see the whole view, but every individual is capable of experiencing life as a whole, within him.

When it comes to life, the biggest query arises, and i.e. what is Life? (more…)

The Reflection of Ultimate Truth ( Book Preview )

The Reflection of Ultimate Truth 1image.jpg

Today’s blog will be the preview of the book, “The Reflection of Ultimate Truth”. I will take you through the journey of making of a book, and what you can expect from the book.

As the title suggests, ” The reflection of Ultimate Truth”. The experience of ultimate truth is an individual experience, and you can only have the reflection of it, from outside. To experience for yourself, you have to move inward.

You see the reflection of the moon, in the river. When you see the reflection of the moon in a river, you can experience the moon in the sky.

In a similar way, when you can have the reflection of truth, from outside, at least you can move in the direction, where you can experience the truth for yourself. (more…)