Meditation is the Way


You have heard about spiritual path, religious path, the path of mindfulness, zen way of living, the path of present moment awareness, amongst all of these path’s, Meditation too is a path.

Meditation is not just another practice, but meditation is a way of life. You can create your whole new life, by practicing meditation. Your choice and decisions will change, once you start practicing meditation. (more…)

Guided Meditation: For Relaxing your Body and Mind


Let lose yourself. Let everything go. Don’t hold anything. Allow your mind to be free from all the attachments. Allow the breath to flow freely in the body. Observe your breath reaching deep down to your belly.

Feel the movement of your breath. Allow the breath to sink deeper below the belly region. (more…)

Why Meditation & Physical-Exercise, both are Equally Important?


When you see the truth of life, just with the mind, you can never come even near to it. You have to experience the life with the spirit, to realize the whole truth.

The life doesn’t happen at the level of body, brain, and mind, but there are more factors that play a huge role in driving your life and i.e. the spirit and the source.

When you experience life with the spirit, you realize that both meditation and physical exercise is equally important in life.

Physical exercise is not limited to good health and for your overall well-being, but it also helps you to participate more in life. During physical exercise, the spirit moves more and more into the body. It channelizes the spiritual and vital energy and you can make most out of it, in your daily life.

The practice of meditation helps in reversing the process of life. While the physical exercise helps you to channelize your life energy, the meditation helps you to open all the vital chakras of the body, so that the life energy can flow freely within the body.

Whenever you feel stuck outside, it’s never you get stuck in the outside world, but in reality, you get stuck from inside. It’s only when your inner centers open up, you see the outside life with a different perspective.

During exercise, the spirit moves quickly within the body, which results in better blood circulation and heart rate, proper digestive system, and optimized use of the brain in the body.

The physical exercise is necessary for the sound health, but at the same time, the practice of meditation is also required to have clarity of life and to experience peace and silence within. The understanding and wisdom of life come with the practice of meditation.

With the sound health you can chase any of your desires but with the wisdom of life, you can understand when to chase your desires and when to hold yourself back in life. The point of realization when you understand enough is enough comes with the wisdom of life.

The physical exercise has a point of saturation beyond which you cannot move. If you have to travel further, you have to take the path of meditation.

The life is not limited to the physical world, but you also have a subtle world, that requires a subtle path and subtle tool to travel. The practice of meditation is that subtle tool that takes you from the subtle path to your journey of self-realization.

Physical exercise makes you feel good for the moment but doesn’t give you a thorough understanding of life. To experience life as a whole, you have to adapt the techniques of meditation that works well for you.

Physical exercise serves the body, brain, and mind, but the practice of meditation serves you to experience life beyond mind, and the realization of spirit and source which can happen only by practicing meditation.

Meditation is not a dead thing, rather the experiences out of meditation are the liveliest thing you will ever experience into your life. Meditation gives you an experience beyond the mind. With the physical exercise, you can at the most experience life at the level of mind.

Everyone struggles with life and look for the answers of life via different paths, but the one who practices meditation finds all the answers of life in him.

Meditation: The Beginning of a New Life

No way can physical exercise be ignored, because the way to the spirit lies through the body and mind. The physical exercise prepares the body and mind for the deeper realization, and just the little push in meditation can help you to come closer to the real self.

Physical exercise is a ground work at the level of body and mind. Your body and mind go through fire if you exercise every day for at least one hour. These prepare the ground for the deeper realization.

Many even struggle with meditation, as they directly jump into meditation, without preparing themselves at the level of body and mind. They just can’t hold themselves at one place for some time. The whole body becomes restless and they want themselves to remain engaged in one or the other thing all the time.

There should be a balance between physical exercise and meditation. Physical exercise can serve you to calm your body and mind while practicing meditation can serve you to move inward for the deeper realization.

Physical exercise has a saturation point, but with the practice of meditation, you can go on and on forever.

365 Tao: Daily Meditations

The total control over life can only be possible with the practice of meditation.

Meditation gives you a whole mind, with which you can see the life that is happening as a whole. The life is divided no-where from outside, but all the division exists inside. The meditation helps you to move beyond all the division and experience the oneness with the existing life. All the mysteries of life get unveiled with the meditation.

The subtle clothing of the memories that covers your mind, because of, which you don’t experience the truth of life. With the meditation, the subtle clothing of the memories gets lifted, and everything appears to you in its natural form.

Everyday take time out for yourself, and follow the habit of exercising on a daily basis, including the practice of meditation. Both the habit will help you to accelerate your process of growth and evolution, and you will observe your life moving at a higher level.

Why is Rest and Relaxation Important in Life?


When you see life as a whole, you observe that the process of life is already happening without your presence. You exist to participate in the existing process of life. Your presence is required as an addition, and not as a sole driver of life. The life can happen without you.

When you consider yourself the sole driver of life, it becomes impossible for you to take time out for rest and relax, from your daily schedule of life.

Every individual carries an idea for life, and if your idea of life doesn’t allow you to slow down for rest, relax and rejuvenate yourself, you happen to be the driver of a car, that doesn’t have a break. Once you start the car, it just doesn’t stop.

Resting and relaxing is just like a break in the car. Wherever its require you put on the break. You know that break is equally important in the car, but you never give due importance to the necessary breaks required for the body and mind. You keep going on and on, without applying break in your life.

You need to slow down your pace of life so that you can see more with life. You can have altogether different perspective towards life that you are experiencing at the moment.

When you rest and relax, you not only rejuvenate your body and mind but you also prepare yourself for the new experiences of life. The daily process of life is such that it simply repeats itself. When you take time out for yourself to unwind, you open yourself to the different possibilities of life.

The life that exists in you needs time to unwind itself. It cannot go on and on without having time to relax and let loose itself.

There is magic in resting and relaxing your body and mind. Things start to take a shift inside. The key is your awareness. When you are aware of the changes you notice, while you are at ease, you connect with the life that unfolds inside.

When you continuously keep on moving, you don’t give time to yourself to slow down and unwind yourself from inside. The weeks and months and years pass by, and you go on repeating the same process of life.

Many times I wonder, what if, I am unable to fulfill my obligations towards life?

Then I realize whatever I create, will be replaced by another. So any action I take should be for personal gratitude and to take life forward. I should not worry about the sheer burden created by the mind, nor should be bound by the daily action or work, rather feel the personal freedom, even while going through the daily course of life.

When I choose to rest and relax, I gather enough energy to carry on with life. The life itself is not a problem, but when you go on with life without a break is a problem.

From time to time, our body and mind need some time to unwind itself. When your body and mind is absolutely relaxed, you can see more in the moment. The window of your mind to see life in the moment opens up. Your perspective expands to view life. The happening of present events of your life becomes clearer to you.

When you take time out for yourself, you allow your body and mind to grow within. The life is not all about work, but you have to have my time, whereby you can refresh and unwind yourself.

We believe we know life, but when you consciously get out of life and then introspect your own life with a fresh mind, you will see the truth of life, which is otherwise not visible, while going through the hectic schedule of daily life.

You grow and evolve with action and the actions come by directly seeing into life. The majority of us, don’t see life rather live into our thinking and imagination. When you take time out for yourself, you don’t live life with your thinking or imagination; rather you develop a special ability to see through life.

It’s only by seeing in the moment, you see the path ahead in life.

Life follows a life-cycle. When you simply rotate the daily process of life, you paddle the same life-cycle over and over again. You need some time for yourself, so that you stop paddling the same life-cycle, and see where you are heading towards life.

To change the direction, you have to take a pause in the moment.

There is a beautiful quote from Lao Tzu, “If you do not change the direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

So, before you change the direction, it’s important you take a pause and look at life. You have to see, where you are heading. It’s only by seeing, you can change your path of life.

People don’t see opportunities in the moment. For me, life is full of opportunities. You don’t need anything else other than the connection with your inner world, to move forward with life. Life is available to you all the time, provided you wait and see the life that is happening in the moment.

All the signs and omens are available at the moment. The next step is always available at the moment. The new path is created not only by walking but by seeing. You can only walk the path if you can see the path into your mind. Seeing comes first, the action comes later.

Resting and relaxing helps you to prepare for the toughest roads of life. Life is not about aggression, but life is all about understanding and when you let go your present life completely, the understanding of life comes to you.

The key is to allow the space for the life to flow from within. If you are already occupied with the outside stuff all the time, nothing new can ever happen to you, but you go on repeating the same memories, over and over again.

To allow yourself for the new experiences, you have to open up from inside, and there is no better way to open up, other than to separate yourself from the daily chaos of life and give some time to develop an eye, that can see through life.

Meditation: The Beginning of a New Life

meditation- RGB

Excerpt from the Book: 

Chapter 2.) How to Meditate?

This is the simplest query in appearance, but when you get into its practicality, the same question becomes the most trivial question for millions.

Before you understand, how to meditate and apply into your life, there are basics in relation to the practice of meditation that needs to be clear.

The first thing that needs to be clear before you initiate into the process of meditation is, whenever you experience life through any of your senses, you don’t experience it with the senses, but senses are just an instrument for the mind to experience outside life. That means, whatever you experience in the outside reality, you only experience through your mind and the bodily senses, are just an instrument for the mind to experience outside reality.

Second thing, the mind is a subtle body inside, that is separate from the physical body and can be consciously separated from the physical body in deep meditation.

Third thing, the act of meditation is to know one’s mind with the mind.

In meditation, you know and understand mind with the mind. To understand the truth of the universe, you need to take your attention inward and move deeper beyond the surface reality of the mind.

When the mind is directed in the outside reality, you accumulate all the different experiences and impressions of life, inside your mind.

In meditation, when you take the attention of your mind inward, you experience the same outside experiences and impressions of life, inside. The practice of meditation helps you to reveal your own personal identity and the truth beyond it. You come across your own life, that you have lived and accumulated from the past.

With the practice of meditation, no truth of life can remain hidden from you.

Chapter 3.) Be an Observer in Meditation

You watch movies. What you do, while watching movies, you see. Every movie has its own story, plots, scene’s, characters, and actors. Every story of the movies has its own drama, romance, comedy, action, thrill, suspense, and emotions.

You also have your own movie inside your head. Every movie has its own past or background. When you become an observer of your own movie, you also start understanding the past or background of your movie.

When you see your movie, inside your head, you see it, from the beginning to your present stage of life. Slowly by observing the story of your head, your own movie becomes clear to you.

When you go outside to watch the movie, you can’t interfere, but all you can do is simply watch. In a similar manner when you observe your own movie in meditation, your role remains to be an observer of your movie.

If you wish you can interfere with your movie, but when you start interfering, you stop the process of understanding your movie.

First thing, you need to practice during meditation is to become an observer of everything that goes inside of you. Only then you can understand your whole movie and its past, present and more likely the future, written by you.

Your role in meditation is to observe everything that goes into your head. Just by observing the story of your mind, it starts to become clear to you.

Chapter 8.) The Ultimate Purpose of Practicing Meditation

When you practice meditation, you always wanted to know, what is the ultimate purpose behind it?

There is a lot, that has been talked about meditation and anyone who initiates into the process of meditation also held’s lots of expectations from it. Meditation is a doorway to realize the source of life in you. No truth or experience remains to realize beyond the life source.

The practice of meditation has the power to take you beyond the periphery of your mind and make you one with the truth. You reach the destination with the realization of the source. Life becomes absolutely clear to you.

All the puzzles of the mind, all the queries of this life and after life get resolved with the practice of meditation. No mysteries or puzzles of life remain unresolved for you.

No matter what you are seeking with life, but when you get on the path of meditation, you come to an end of the road. Nothing is required other than meditation, to go through this path of life. The meditation is the last path. With the meditation, you come to an end of the road.

It’s only with the meditation, you realize that there is no-where to go, and nothing to seek in life. Everything exists in you and you are an end in itself.

Chapter 9.) Your Dreams reveals the making of Life in you

Everyone sleeps and in sleep you see dreams. When you dream, you are actually part of that reality. When you dream, the dream doesn’t remain a dream, but it becomes your reality for that moment.

If you closely observe your dreams and move deeper and deeper into it, it can reveal the making of life in you.

When you wake up, what you saw as a dream was some pictures in the mind. You were part of few situations, where you were actually living the reality. Unless you wake up, you cannot realize it whether it was a dream or a reality.

When you wake up, you remember some pictures from your dream. Those pictures reveal everything of the dream. Now, these pictures are nothing but your thoughts and imagination. If you observe them closely, you will find the similarity between your dreams and your daily experiences and impressions of life.

You cannot dream something that your mind is not familiar with. The mind forms dreams, desires, thoughts and imagination using different composition and mixture of your daily experiences and impressions of life.

In your dream, you are present but as a part of your dream. You become one with the dream. You cannot exist separate from your dream, otherwise, your dream perish. Your dreams can only exist in your absence. The time you regain your presence, dreams elapse.

Chapter 11.) Truth (Direct Experience) Vs Belief

Everyone is looking for magic with life, and if you ask me, where is the magic, I will direct you towards meditation. Meditation is the father of all the magic of life. All your illusions, and all your chaos and all your problems with life, is only due to, not knowing the truth.

The time you realize the truth, all the illusory ideas simply shed away from the mind. Whether we believe it or not, our lives are surrounded by our past beliefs. We create our lives out of our beliefs. If you go in-depth of any aspect of life, you will realize that everything that you have created till now is less out of an experience and more out of beliefs. There are very few, who sit down and analyze their lives.

If you go in-depth of any aspect of life, you will realize that everything that you have created is less out of an experience and more out of beliefs. You have only followed the tradition, be it your personal life or say professional life. There are very few, who sit down and analyze their lives.

Even when you inquire about the truth, you still follow your beliefs of the mind. It’s hard to get rid of the barriers of the mind. The personal identity and the memories of the mind that you consider as yours, is the only barrier that keeps circling the mind.

From the religion to personal life, from professional life to our social life, everything is created out of beliefs. We don’t look for direct experience; rather we simply follow what already exists from the past. This simply separates us from the truth of life.

Life exists in the moment and has no relevance from the past or the future. It’s only when you live out of the beliefs of the past or thinking about the future, you separate yourself from the truth of the moment, and start living out of the projections of the mind.

We never enter into the fresh future; rather we only stretch our past beliefs into the future. Our entire castles of life are built on the beliefs of the past. Sometimes our intentions are honest, with different aspects of life but it again serves the age-old beliefs of the past. Till the time, you don’t question every aspect of life and realize the truth of it, you only create your life out of beliefs.

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Shambhavi MahaMudra : A powerful technique of Meditation


Shamabhavi is a feminine look. You see with a soft gesture. You gaze in a mild manner. You observe without any effort. Shambhavi is an effortless look. It’s just like mother gazing at his child. There is love and tenderness in her looks.  (more…)

How Chanting Mantras Works in Meditation?


“Holy Spirit leave the space of the mind and body empty. – Mantra Meditation”

The humans have the physical body including the brain, along with the mind. The mind is an empty space where all the subtle activities take place. Holy spirit or life energy is the one, that works through the mind and body.

Meditation is a tool to experience life beyond the physical reality and experience life at its subtlest level. Meditation is an act to observe. To Observe appears simple, but when put to practice, it holds the power to shake the subtlest strings of the body. (more…)

How do you experience “I” in the Body?


The sense of “I” is a mixture of a physical and metaphysical world. The spirit and the body when comes together, it gives rise to the sense of “I”. You experience individuality or the sense of “I” till the time; you sense the sensation in the body. When you cannot sense the sensation, you cannot sense the “I” too in your body.

You have noticed many times, that part of the body gets numb. In those moments, you don’t sense anything in those parts of your body. You cannot claim that part of your body as yours. That part of the body doesn’t belong to you in those moments. Only the space in the body, where you sense the sensation, you can recognize it, as yours.

The sensation in the body gives you the recognition of “I”. You claim something to be yours, only out of sensation. (more…)

Absolutely Relax Yourself, before you Show up Each Day



Each day you accumulate lots of experiences and impressions with life. Each situation, events or people you encounter in the moment, drops some blueprint within you, that triggers, your thoughts, images, feelings, emotions and sensation within the body.

If you simply wake up and jump into life, you repeat the process, with the accumulated stuff, of your past. Now, this is the story of one day, imagine you are already on this earth, since twenty, thirty, forty years or more, how much you might have accumulated inside of you?

Unless you empty yourself from within, you cannot experience the true reality of life. When you wake up, your body, mind, heart and sensation is already in pain, and doesn’t want to move forward with life, but still, you drag yourself, to fulfill your daily obligations of life. (more…)

Meditation is to Observe.


To observe means to see. When you observe, it doesn’t asks for your involvement, but your role is to simply allow the things to happen. Meditation is to observe life, both internally as well as externally. You don’t participate, but you observe.

Natural tendency of the personal identity, is to participate in everything that goes in the outside as well as inner life and gets himself merge in it, without understanding the real importance of it. To observe one’s own life, allows you to rise above the mundane process of life, and simply observe life, so that you can understand whats going on, both in your physical as well as subtle world, and with proper understanding of it, you can rise above it.

You can observe your life, not only in meditation, but also while you are part of it. Usually life is divided in two parts, personal life and life at work. You can bring the power to observe, in both the respective life, to understand them, for the better.

How to Observe life?

To observe means to see. Only see without any real participation. Let me tell you, the mind is capable of participating with life, simultaneously observing both your physical as well as subtle world at the same time.

In meditation, you disconnect yourself from the physical reality and connect with your subtle world. You can observe even your physical life, the way you observe your subtle world, of thoughts, emotions, breathe and sensation in meditation.

The day you live today, is what life is all about. Whatever you live today, is the accumulated impressions and experience from the past. Nothing happens to you or come into your life, that you haven’t acted upon in the past. It may be in this life or may be the previous lives, but you only receive what you have offered to life, in one or the other form.

You create the future, out of the experiences and impressions from the past, and thus your future can never show you, anything other than what you have already lived in the past or the extended version of your past.

When you begin to observe your daily life, you see the people, and things around you with your senses.

Before you have initiate the process to observe, the same people and the things around you, have created certain feelings and emotions within you, that have gone unnoticed, as the mind was lost in creating the future out of the past, or may be fulfilling the needs and desires of life.

When you initiate the process of observing with your daily life, you begin to see the people and the things around you, through your senses. More you observe them, more you connect with the breath and sensations within your body. You not only observe the people and things around you, but you also begin to observe the subtle movements, that take place inside of you, at the same time.

The subtle process of life begins with the image of the mind, that later turns into a thought process. Feelings and emotions comes out of the thought process and you experience it, into the body through sensation.

When you are not connected with the subtle reality of life, you are simply driven by your mind, to fulfill the needs and desires of the outside life, without understanding the real importance of it, within your life.

These life takes you no where, and you go on repeating the same circle. With the power of observing your physical world, you connect with the subtle world of thoughts, feelings and sensation.

Every situation, people and things around you creates thoughts, feelings and emotions within the subtle body and you experience it through sensation.

Slowly as your awareness grows while observing your physical world, you also begin to observe the different movements at different times, in your subtle world.

When you become more and more conscious with the sensation, you will simply detach yourself from the things, situation, people, events or experiences of life, that creates pain and suffering to you. When you directly observe your sensation, all your pain and suffering will be aggravated to their highest degree, in the moment.

When the attention of the mind is divided, you don’t feel much pain in the moment, but when all your attention, is into the sensation, all your joy and suffering is amplified, and than you are not bothered to experience the joy or suffering, but you look for the way, to rise above, both the feelings.

“To connect with the sensation of one’s own body, is to get in touch with the fire. You cannot hold fire for too long, and thus you begin to drop the things, situations, people, events, experiences and impressions from your life, that doesn’t make you feel good or neutral, in the moment.”

With the power to observe, you don’t gain much, but drop many things, from your life, that simply aggravates your pain and suffering in the moment.

The situation or experience that seems more joyful to the mind, but lead to the disastrous consequences at a later stage, you begin to sense, such experience in your subtle world through sensation, and detach yourself from such experience’s, to avoid the consequences at a later stage.

You observe your life, both at the physical and professional front, and you don’t try to accumulate, but you drop the things that doesn’t give you neutral feelings through sensation.

When you think negative about someone, or not so good about someone, you begin to create negative feelings and emotions inside of you. Through sensation, before you express your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions to others, you experience it for yourself.

By getting in touch with the sensation, you make sure, not to keep anything even in your subtle world, that can cause further suffering to you. You don’t have to work towards detachment, but once you experience the burning inside through sensation, it simply gets drop from your life.

More and more you de-clutter your daily life with the power to observe, more life’s energy you accumulate on a daily basis, to hold higher awareness in the moment, and take you higher in the subtle world.

The process of life is such that, as the life moves forward, more wisdom and bliss enters into your life, and you come closer to the natural process of life. If your life seems far away from the natural process of life, that means, you are moving far away life.

The source of life is not the brain, heart and body, but you have the life’s energy and pure empty space of higher vibrations, that allows you to experience life, in a human form.

When you observe your sensations, both in your personal and professional life, and rise above the situation, events, people and experiences of life, that bothers you, you begin to have more time, to observe your deeper thoughts, feelings and emotions in meditation.

Meditation enhance your power to observe with your daily life. In meditation you observe only subtle world, but with your daily life, you observe both your physical as well as subtle world.

“To observe is to connect with pure consciousness. With the power to observe, when you become successful in neutralizing your sensations, with all the different situations of your daily life, you begin to experience the no-mind state.”

You reach to the state, whereby, while experiencing your daily life, no situation, events, people or experience hold enough power to create sensation within your body, that means no situation of your daily life can overpower you, in the moment.

You move deeper and deeper into the no-mind state, to experience the life’s energy, which is the source of brain, heart and body. When you connect with the life’s energy within the body, the same life energy gives you an experience, of pure consciousness.

In general, you relate yourself with the personal identity of your mind, that has come out of, the daily experiences and impressions of life. Once you experience the consciousness within the body, you stop relating yourself with the personal identity or day-to-day experiences of life, but all your energy gets diverted, towards pure consciousness.

Meditation can help you to connect with the subtle world, but then it depends upon you, how to enhance the meditative experience and stretch into your daily life, and turn the entire life, into a meditative experience.

Life is very much possible with pure consciousness. With pure consciousness, you don’t observe life, to understand, but you become the observer, and be one, with the natural process of life. Your each act, comes out of the natural process, and every moment of life, becomes full of bliss and wisdom. You live eternal life, in this very moment, above the mundane process of life, rising above the fear of birth and death .