Spirit and Soul

Mind over matter and Spirit over Mind


“Never cut what can be untied” by Paulo Coelho.

Yesterday I have read this quote from Paulo Coelho, and few things strike my mind. First, no matter what the differences you have in your personal or professional life, there is always a way to untie the knot, rather simply cut the things forever.

Usually, we follow the other way. It’s easier for us to cut the knot as it seems easier, and we assume all our problems with it will get resolved. To untie the knot asks for a huge effort. (more…)

The path of Soul-Realization and the Abode of the Soul


The souls have its own abode. We can believe that life is a mystery, but it’s impossible to believe that we have souls. Rather even to believe we have a soul, doesn’t serve the purpose of life because unless we realize the soul, we cannot understand anything in relation to the soul or the life beyond.

The soul or the subject of soul always remains a mystery to us. We spend all our energy to create and invent new things to serve life on earth, but never give enough time to figure out the truth of the self. (more…)

All you Need to Know of the Kundalini Energy


Two questions are relevant to the Kundalini energy. One is what is Kundalini Energy and the second is how to Activate Kundalini Energy?

When you observe the physical body from outside or even you try to look inside the body, no way you will find anything other than that which is physical in the body. Kundalini energy is the subtle aspect of the body. (more…)

Am I the Body, Mind or Spirit?


There are many who relates themselves, with how they appear, which is fine in terms of presentation, but if your physical body becomes your identity than you simply disconnect from the truth of life and creates your life around the illusions.

Am I the physical body?

What if somebody takes down one of my hand, do I still remain?

What if somebody takes down both of my legs, do I still remain?

That means the physical body is part of me, but I exist more than this physical body. The physical body that you have is an addition to your personality and not your limited identity. (more…)

How Body, Mind, and Spirit works together?


You understand the nature of the body with the mind. You understand mind with the mind, and you realize spirit with the mind.

Body, mind, and spirit are the three separate subtle as well as physical bodies that work together, so that process of life can happen in you. Body, mind, and spirit can be experienced separately within, in deep meditative experience.

Body, mind, and spirit also have a source. The source lies in you. The source is an end in itself. The source doesn’t have any source. So the life initiates from the source, and the spirit and mind come from the source and works with the body.

The physical structure of the body is formed in the mother’s womb, and thus when you come out of the womb, the only thing remain for the physical body is the nourishment. The physical body is nourished by three things, i.e. sleep, food and physical movement.

Your physical body is formed in a way, where these three things are essential to keep the physical body healthy. Once the structure of the body is formed, all your life you nourish your body.

If you can keep up the perfect balance of sleep, food and exercise, you can make most out of your body and mind.

Optimal Living 360: Smart Decision Making for a Balanced Life

The mind again is a separate subtle body exists in the physical body. The mind is one. The mind is not divided at any point. All your thinking, logic, imagination, feelings, emotions, past, present or future or time-bound state of mind, happens in one mind.

The mind is one, but when the spirit works with the mind, it divides the mind according to its nature. The spirit adjusts itself, according to the nature of the mind. It’s the spirit that nourishes the physical body too.

When you experience the one whole mind in the body, the first time you realize that, all your thoughts, imagination, feelings or emotions is only because of the spirit, tied around the mind and body in a certain way.

The spirit adjusts itself within the mind and body, according to the dreams and desires of the mind. The spirit is influenced by the nature of the mind. All the dreams and desires of the mind are fulfilled by the spirit.

When you move deep in your meditation, the first thing you experience is your mind and next thing you experience is your spirit. The spirit comes from within, to work with the mind and body. The mind remains in the middle, between the spirit and the body.

The mind is the driving wheel for both the spirit and the body, but when the same mind is directed inward towards the source, the spirit that previously works with the mind and body to manifest the outside life, begin to shift towards the source.

The natural process of life can only be understood, by realizing the source of life within. The understanding of life remains very limited at the level of body and mind. With life, every effort has to be made to realize the source of life within.

In life, many identify themselves with the body, and thus their perspective remains limited to the physical aspect of life. With the bodily consciousness, your understanding remains limited to the matter.

If you choose to grow and evolve with life, the shift is needed from body consciousness to the mind consciousness.

Your personal identity that identifies itself with the body should shift to the identification with the nature of the mind.

Remember, you understand physical reality with the mind, and you also understand mind with the mind. Thus, even if you have body consciousness, your understanding will come from your mind. It’s the personal identity of the mind that takes a shift from body consciousness to the mind consciousness.

When you start to relate yourself with the things of the mind, you can also see the truth behind the outside reality that exists at the level of mind.

Yes, the outside reality that you see remains limited to your own perspective. If your perspective remains limited to the physical aspect of life, you cannot experience the reality, beyond it, but as your understanding shifts from physical reality to subtle reality, you take a leap from physical world to the subtle world within your perspective.

Now, that’s what the process of evolution is all about. At the level of mind. You grow and evolve within the mind.

When you start to identify yourself with the mind, you not only understand your perspective, but you also understand the perspective of others around you.

With the mind, you can understand the different aspects of the mind, but to experience the whole mind, you have to rise above the nature of your mind and realize yourself as a spirit. It’s the spirit that can experience the whole mind.

The spirit can be realized not with the desires of the mind, but when there is no dream or desire left in the mind.

All the dreams and desires of the outside reality remain on the surface of the mind. All your thoughts, feelings, experiences and impressions float on the surface of the mind. When your attention shifts from the surface reality of the mind, and look for the truth beyond the nothingness of the mind, you unlock the spirit in the body.

The spirit is so tied around the mind and body, that it’s difficult to realize it unless you reach to the state of nothingness of the mind.

With the realization of the spirit, you understand the very nature of the mind and see the process of life that takes place within the body.

As it’s been mentioned above, the life doesn’t end with the spirit, but the spirit too has its source within the body. Once you realize the spirit, you follow the movement of the spirit that takes you to the realization of the source.

Remember all this meditative experience happens, by taking your attention inward. You don’t move outside but you move inward and move deeper and deeper in you.

The actual working of the body, mind, and spirit is understood with the realization of the source.

The physical body is formed within the womb, and later all it requires is the nourishment for the physical body. Every day physical body needs a proper amount of sleep, food, and movement for its nourishment. Movement is an exercise for the body. A simple walking or running on everyday basis is enough to keep your physical body healthy and fit.

The mind serves to meet the needs and desires of the outside life. More you can keep your mind empty from the unnecessary stuff, better you can make use of your mind.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The mind works well when there are no thoughts or imagination or no dreams or desires in your mind. The mind has to be plain empty to make most out of it. The empty mind can be well controlled and guided in the direction of our choice.

Never stop at the level of mind, but look for, with all possible means for the spirit. It’s the spirit in the body that allows the process of life to take place, and without realizing the spirit, you can only remain lost with different perspectives of the mind.

Remember the perspective of your mind has nothing to do with the reality of life. The reality of life remains separate from you unless you realize the spirit in you. It’s the spirit that gives you the truth behind different perspectives of your mind.

At last with the spirit, it’s hard to be left out, with the realization of the source. It’s the realization of the source that completes you from within. All your query in relation to God, existence, universe ends with the realization of source. All your doubts end with the source. You understand the never ending process of life.

Seek the absolute truth within, because, without it, anything that you do or achieve in your life remains incomplete. Your life only feels complete in a true sense, when you realize the absolute truth in you, as the search for all the mysteries and puzzles of life come to an end.

How the Spirit of the Universe Works?


These may not seem to be the pertinent question for the people, those who are deeply engrossed at the level of mind, but the question is relevant for those, who are ready to explore life beyond the realm of the mind.

Yes, first thing first, the universe has its spirit that allows the different functions of the universe. (more…)

How to Realize the Forgotten Self?


People ask me, I want to know life, how can I know Life, and sometimes I too have that repetitive answer for everyone, know yourself and you will know life.

The point again comes to the same query, how to know oneself?

This is the biggest puzzle, that doesn’t allow any individual to settle down on this earth. You may achieve everything on this earth, but unless you figure out, the source of your own existence, or what is life or how you are formed, life always seems puzzled for you. (more…)

Your Spirit is the Source of Perception and not the Mind


Perception is the way you perceive life. Perception is of two types, internal and external perception. Both the perception forms within, but one perception you hold for the external reality and the other one, is of your internal reality.

When you perceive anything with the sensory organs, that’s your external perception, be it the situations, people, events or outside experiences of life. There are few, who are connected with their internal reality, and for them exists the internal perception. Internal perception is the thoughts, imagination, feelings and emotions of the subtle world, breathe and sensation.

Now, we all are familiar that, sometimes the thoughts in the mind are positive and sometimes it’s negative. Most of us, rely on our thoughts and images and consider it being the source of life. (more…)

How does Spirit works?


As a human, beyond our human desires, we have a deep longing to know life. The desire to know the truth is something that we all are born with. Sooner or later, the query arises, to search for the purpose of our existence.

Do we all are, the wandering creatures just like animals, with little higher intelligence, or there is something else, that is hidden, for us to know?

Our very build up is such that, everything exists inside of us. It’s not that, something is hidden within us, but it’s the very nature of creation. (more…)

The Nature of Soul is to Observe


If I think with the mind, there are several questions, which I come across with life.

Does soul exist?

How does God look like?

If God and soul do exist, why I cannot experience within?

How can I figure out the soul, within? (more…)