Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation) and Vital Chakras Activation in the Body


The ancient yoga has been credited to Sage Patanjali. Surya Namaskar too belongs to the ancient scriptures, but we don’t have a specific name to credit for, and thus we give credit to the Master of Yoga Sage Patanjali for developing the fine art sun salutation.

Sun Salutation consists of 12 postures, where 6 postures are repeated twice. There is alchemy to it. Sun salutation is not just another form of exercise, but it has also had a deep resemblance to our spiritual energy in the body.

When you observe your physical body, you notice that our whole physical structure has been divided into two. Right and Left Hemisphere of the brain. Right and Left Kidney. Right and left hands and legs. Our physical body can be separated into two parts. The first 6 postures are dedicated to the right side of the body and the next 6 postures impact the left side of the body.

We have heard about the spirit and soul in the body. There are also vital chakras in the body which are not visible at the physical level, but the one who practices meditation and dive deeper within the self, realize the subtle chakras and the activation of it, in the body.

Sun salutation is not only the wonderful technique for exercise, but it also helps you to activate your vital chakras and thereby the spirit in the body. You can experience the spirit and its spiritual energy working through the body, by activating the vital chakras in the body.

When you live with the identity of the mind, you never realize the life beyond the mind that exists in the body. When the spiritual energy gets activated by activating the vital chakras, the identity of the mind gets dropped and you realize yourself as a spirit in the body.

Let’s see how sun salutation works and serves us to activate our different chakras in the body and energize us to go through our day-to-day life, positively.


The Sun Salutation starts with Gratitude. You bow your hand before you start the process. That helps you to activate your heart chakras.

In any kind of Yoga, Pranayam or Meditation one thing is must and that is Gratitude. Gratitude allows you to open your heart chakras, and the spiritual energy starts moving freely in the body.  Gratitude works wonders in everyday life, but here you observe how it’s been practice before the start of any Yoga practice.


The next posture you practice is to open up the body. All the vital chakras are aligned in the body in a vertical position. When you stretch your hands on the upward side, you allow the spiritual energy to flow in a vertical direction that aggravates the process of activating all the vital chakras of the body.

When we are unaware of the inner process the spiritual energy follows the direction of the mind. The spiritual energy needs guidance. Either you guide the energy with the physical action or you guide the energy with your mind. When you pull your body upward, you create the vertical circle for the spiritual energy to follow.


In the third posture, you bent down and hold your feet. It serves you to activate your Navel Chakras and all the chakras that fall below the navel region.

The spiritual energy is locked at the bottom of the spine, and as you direct your spiritual energy in the vertical direction and put the pressure on the chakras, with the right posture, you develop the possibility of opening up those chakras.

In the third posture, you hold your feet, which puts necessary pressure on the navel region and thus helps you to activate the navel chakra and the chakras that lie below the navel region.


In the fourth posture, you pull your right foot backward and allow your left foot to stand-still and get the position, as it’s mentioned above.

This posture allows you to put pressure on the lower chakras that lie below the navel region. That is Svadhishthana and Muladhara. All the yoga postures in Sun salutation has been designed in such a way, that it directly impacts all the vital chakras in the body, and in the process helps you to awaken the spiritual energy that lies dormant at the bottom of the spine.

Once the spiritual energy gets awakened, it naturally opens up all the vital chakras in the body and works for the optimum health of the mind and body.


The fifth posture, again allows you to put pressure on your lower chakras and aggravate the process of activating the spiritual energy.

Again the process of awakening the spiritual energy is complex and you have to put the pressure at the right place and direct the energy in a right direction so that you can avail the maximum benefit out of it.

The whole technique of sun salutation has been scientifically designed to activate the spiritual energy and to make most out of it. The sun salutation not only puts enough pressure on the vital chakras but it also directs the spiritual energy in a right direction.


Once you exert enough pressure on the lower chakras, the sixth posture allows you to work on your higher chakras, i.e. the heart region and above it.

As you have put enough pressure on the lower chakras, you are directing the energy on the higher chakras, that too vertically. You are directing the spiritual energy on the higher chakras, by putting pressure on the higher chakras.


This 7th posture not only guides the spiritual energy towards the higher chakras but it also directly impacts front and the back point of the throat region.

All the chakras are interconnected by the spiritual energy. The spiritual energy is a subtle thread in the body that ties itself around the body from inside, through these 7 vital chakras.

Once the spiritual energy gets released from all the 7 chakras, you experience the ultimate. The absolute truth of life is realized by the awakening of the spiritual energy in you.


From the 8th posture, the process of sun salutation repeats itself. You have served the right side of the body, and now the same postures with the reverse process have to be followed to serve the left side of the body.

The spiritual energy has been moved from lower chakras to the higher chakras, now again the energy has been directed from higher chakras to the lower chakras, and thus the vertical circle has been formed in the body, for the spiritual energy to follow.

With the practice of sun salutation, the number of counts is not important, but what’s important is your attention on the posture of the body and at the same time, on the movement of the breath.


In the 9th posture, you follow the same posture that you followed at the time of 4th position, but this time you will be taking your right leg forward while pulling the left leg backward.

This not only gives you a complete body exercise, but you also serve both the left and right side of the body separately.

The real magic of life lies in the spiritual energy and thus all the efforts have been put in place to activate all the vital chakras and with it the life energy in the body.


You have started with the heart chakra, and with the 10th chakra, you are moving back to the heart region. You are following the reverse process, and again directing the energy from where you have started.

You complete the whole process, travelling from the heart chakra to the lower chakras, and then directing the energy to the higher chakras to the top. The process gets completed when you again direct the energy from top to bottom and move back to the heart chakra.


In the 11th chakra, you can observe the complete process of sun salutation. In the whole technique, try to focus on the spiritual energy and how different points or chakras in the body have been impacted by the different postures.

The process starts by giving the vertical direction to the energy by stretching the hands upward. Later the cycle has been created by bending down so that the energy flows in a vertical circle.

With different postures, different chakras have been pressured so that the spiritual energy can be released and the optimum health can be realized by the practitioner.


At the 12th and the final posture, again you show gratitude towards the whole process. The heart becomes the core center from the first to the last posture. You initiate from the heart center and you end up at the heart center.

Gratitude is the first step in activating all the chakras and awakening the spiritual energy in the body. The heart fills with emotions, allows you to open up from inside and the inner changes take place at a rapid pace.

If you have little time to dedicate on everyday basis, I will suggest you follow Sun Salutation technique. This will not only keep you physically and mentally strong but you can also elevate your spiritual growth, by practicing this technique on everyday basis.