Focus on your Strength and Create your Life Around It

We all have something unique to us, which if gets explored becomes our strength for the lifetime. We all are unique individuals and have different powers in each one of us, which is waiting in us to explore.

In few, it gets explored unconsciously, while others explore the same power by a conscious effort.

We all have both the qualities in us, strength and weaknesses. We like to see both the aspects of life good and bad. Till this point things are fine. But there are individuals, who get so lost in their weaknesses, that they forget that they also possess other quality which is a strength.

Let’s focus on our strength and create our life out of it.

On the other day, I was discussing strength and weakness with my wife. I asked her, how powerful and confidence I feel from inside. But she interrupted me, and told, all those things are alright, but how do you cope up with your weaknesses?

At that time I realized, my mind never thinks about the weakness. It only ponders over the strength.

Then I realize something which is important to share. The mind is such that it can focus on only one thing at a time. Either you focus on your strength or you focus on your weakness. You cannot focus on both the things at the same time.

What I have realized, by focusing on strength is, my mind becomes powerful with each passing day. When I focus on strength, I don’t see the weaknesses of mine or of others. The mind that is filled with the powerful thoughts, also figure out the solutions to the situations where you are lagging behind.

The real problem of life is not about the outside chaos, but the real problem lies with your inner strength. If you feel powerful and strong inside, no matter what you face outside, you will always come up with the solution for your problem.

The time you feel weaker inside and pity on yourself and live on the mercy of others, or point others for your problems, you start focusing on your weaknesses and this doesn’t only deprive you of your powers, but you also miss the opportunity to find the solution for your immediate problems.

The problem is not the weakness, but the thing is what we nourish inside. Where we put our mind, and what we strengthen in ourselves.

When you know your strength and bring your focus to your strength, it starts to multiply within. When the woman gets pregnant, during the whole process, the cells divides and multiplies, the process is called the mutation. You go through the same process when you focus on anything with full concentration.

You have the choice to work on your strengths or ponder over your weaknesses.

Wherever you put your focus on, out of the natural laws the process of multiplication begins in you. Whether you focus on your strength or you focus on your weaknesses, you multiply it in you, as per your focus.

Our strength grows when we work on it, and create our life around it. You can create your life around your strength. You don’t have to adore your weakness at any aspect of your life. You can serve every aspect of your life, out of the strength you possess.

The life seems confusing when your mind is engaged outside. When you connect with yourself, you shed away most of the illusory aspect of life. The mind likes to remain engaged in things that have little or no relevance to our lives. It likes to stick to the unnecessary things just for the sake of entertainment.

You gain strength or lose strength with the mind. Your strength and weakness depend upon where your mind wanders throughout the day.